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You have a product, we have networks. Show us your cyber security, artificial intelligence or consulting product and we will implement a plan to easily promote it to the Asian market.

Contact us and increase your volume immediately. The Asian market is, of course, many times larger than Europe. If you're ready to grow your business, talk to Chrisvon's Sound Technology Shanghai Co. Ltd and start cooperation!

By exploiting networks

Competition is on the Asian market regardless of the sector, but the expectations of growth are so high that those players who get in
In time, can expect success. We will present our customers ' products or services directly to the main market parties.

Our network includes artificial intelligence developers, telecommunication companies, financial corporations, insurance companies,
Cloud services and high technology IT companies. Includes large and small
Companies. We analyze your business, after which we promote it to potential customers and partners

Unique entity

When designing a service plan, we take into account your budget as well as your growth goal, which will tailor the blueprint for your company's expansion to the Asian market.

Our customers are equally suited to small IT companies as large national operators.

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